The Printmakers of North Carolina was organized in October, 2006. The mission statement reads as follows: 

"PoNC is a collective of artists determined to create traditional and non-traditional, hand-pulled prints, and to promote the education of and the exploration of the print medium."  

The PoNC membership includes printmakers who employ traditional intaglio techniques including, but by no means limited to etching, drypoint and mezzotint; lithography, both the stone and the modern pronto plate, and waterless lithography; woodcut artists who print large format prints the size of a sheet of plywood; screenprinters who use photography and autographic methods in combination and those who create monoprints and monotypes rich with imagery, layers and textures. PoNC-sters print on paper, on canvas, on wood.

They use computers, cameras and other technology. They use text and textiles. They create plates and transfer images and they do it all by hand. Since 2006, PoNC has held three open studio events and has sponsored an annual exhibition for the third year in a row. Printmakers have partnered with Artspace and the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh in organizing workshops and exhibitions. Meetings are open to everyone and are held four times a year. The printmakers come together to share ideas, problem solve and energize. Plans are to have more exhibition opportunities and to bring national and international printmaking exhibitions to the state.